Cannot read Cd With Max

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Cannot read Cd With Max

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I recently bought a Apple certified Refurbished MBP, directly thru Apple...the model is MD102LL/A.

Anyways, when I "time Machined" my new laptop, I noticed that when i put a CD (while Max is Open), it doesn't automatically read the CD. And when I click the "Compact Disc" on the taskBar, everything under the subheading is grayed-out. (this never happened from my previous machine)

But simultaneously, iTunes can read the disc and ask if I want to import the disc into iTunes.

So I know that the CD can be read but for some reason Max cannot recognize it as a CD. (typically from my previous MBP, it would read it and would find the metaData from the server and find the CD information)....but now, it doesn't do anything?

Is there a setting where I have not turn on a function?

thank you for any help
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