CD AUDIO w/DTS to AAC 5.1?

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CD AUDIO w/DTS to AAC 5.1?

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Saw a similar thread w.r.t. DVD VOB / AAC to various output formats. That didn't solve my needs.

I have several AUDIO CD's with DTS 5.1 encoded sources. I have tried using Max to convert to AAC and ADTS and AIFF with various settings.

Of all my attempts, only the AIFF conversion retains the ability for these to be properly interpreted as DTS, but even that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Also, I'm not sure that's any better than letting Finder mount the CD and then just copying the .aiff files to my hard drive.

I want something that will actually do a "soft-decode" of the original DTS channels and then re-encode them as AAC 5.1.

The reason is, that even though my Mac can pass DTS out its built-in mini TOSLink jack, it will only do so if completely unmixed with any other audio source. This means I can only play DTS and not have any other Mac sounds being mixed with the output. If that were appealing to me, I'd just use a dedicated DTS-capable CD player, instead of the Mac.

What I really want to do is retire the physical DTS AUDIO CD's and convert the tracks to something iTunes can deal with, all the while removing the aforementioned "mixing" problem that "breaks" the DTS stream.

AAC 5.1 is a likely format to fit all these needs if I can just get something to do the conversion. AAC 5.1 has the added benefit of being the most likely to work with Apple TV.

Anyone have any suggested settings for use with Max 0.7.1 to get DTS encoded AUDIO CD's converted to AAC 5.1 with the surround channels in tact?

Or any other solutions to this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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