A little help getting started please

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A little help getting started please

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Just downloaded Decibel from the App store and it seems like a few of the functions are not working correctly.

Firstly my version looks different to the screen shot on the app store page. The main difference i notice is that on the top right of the screen the only icon i have there is the iTunes one on the screen shot there are three. One of the others is the finder icon and i can't make out what the third one is. This seems strange.

Seccodly i can't get the album art to impose over the playlist despite having this checked in the general tab of preferences.

And finally i dont get any album art appearing in the inspector pane. The folders that i am importing via the add tracks command all have album art and are names 'folder'. Is there a reason why these dont show up in the inspector pan.

any help for any of these would be appreciated.