I Bought this App Sight unseen

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I Bought this App Sight unseen

Post by jazzyguy »

And BOY am I glad I did!!!!! I love it and it sounds superb. I had a hard time logging in and I almost gave up but I'm glad I'm here! I have tried several apps and even have Foobar but this one beats them all! Can someone explain to me what the Hog feature is and when and how to configure it? I would appreciate it.

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Re: I Bought this App Sight unseen

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In exclusive access mode (AKA hog mode), Decibel takes exclusive control of the output device. When this happens no other processes are allowed to send audio to the device, so you will not have audio from other applications mixed into Decibel's audio output. If you are using Decibel with the built-in output, I recommend disabling this feature since you will miss out on all the other system audio. If you are using Decibel on a dedicated device then I would turn enable it. Furthermore, if you are using OS X 10.6 with a DAC that handles integer mode, Decibel will send integers to the DAC with exclusive access enabled.