End of track clipped off

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End of track clipped off

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I've just got round to listening to a piece that I ripped quite some time ago - in iTunes (as AAC 192 kbps) not Max.

It's Max (no pun intended) Bruch's Scottish Fantasy (Naxos recording). The odd thing is that when it gets to the end of track one the sound is abruptly cut off and track two starts immediately. It's quite a nasty effect.

I'll have to check out the CD later - not at home right now. But I just wondered if anyone had come across that CD and noticed the same. I'm really curious now as to whether Naxos screwed up the CD or whether it is the iTunes ripper or the iTunes AAC encoder that's caused the problem.


Hmmm. It's neither. It turns out it's the iPod.

I listened to the CD. I don't know I have before, which is probably an interesting comment in itself on modern listening. I buy CDs in order to rip them and listen to the content on the iPod, not in order to use them as CDs, and I bet I'm not the only one. (In point of fact, one speaker cone of my Hi-fi set-up is damaged - the plastic compound is falling to pieces - and I'm not going to find the money for repairs/replacement right now.)

Anyway, with the CD itself the first track kind of segues into the second, but there's no sense of anything lost. And it's the same if I listen in iTunes. But with the iPod there is a definitive clipping of the end of track one - it's like a gramphone needle jumping.

Another question then - is this a known problem on the iPod? I can't recall anything like it before myself.
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