Media buttons working globally?

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Media buttons working globally?

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i've got two questions:
1) Is it possible to use the media keys of my keyboard (apple) while the player is minimized? They are just working when I have the player in the front. I couldnt find any setting :(
2) Under the search bar there is only the symbol of iTunes. Can I somewhere activate search for finder, as shown on Decibel-homepage?
Thanks for your help.


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Re: Media buttons working globally?

Post by callisto »

1) I'd like to see that as well.
2) The screenshot from the homepage is an older version where you could add the finder's selection to the playlist with this button. It has nothing to do with searching. Searching is only within the playlist.

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Re: Media buttons working globally?

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1) a big vote for this :)
2) yes callisto is right... searching just in the music-folder is also a wish of me, at time you have to use spotlight (mac intern searchmachine) for this