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Preference improvements

Post by krmathis »

I have a couple of improvement request for the "Preferences -> Ripper" window.

The settings would be a lot easier to understand if only features for the 'Active ripper' are active, while the other ones are inactive.
* Select "Basic ripper" and all Comparison and Paranoia settings should be inactive, so only the 'General settings' are active.
* Select "Comparison ripper" and the 'Comparison Ripper Settings' should be active as well. But the 'Paranoia Settings' should remain inactive.
* Select "paranoia" and the 'Paranoia Settings' should be active, while 'Comparison Ripper Settings' should be inactive.

In 'Active ripper' you use 'paranoia' and 'ripper' (with a lower case 'p' and 'r'), while other places you use 'Paranoia' and 'Ripper' (with an Upper case 'P' and 'R'). I suggest you decide which one to use and stay with it... ;)

I have Paranoia Setting set to "Full Paranoia", but when I click to open the dropdown list I see both choices have a check mark in front of them. The 'Active ripper' dropdown list work as expected (only the selected one have a check mark. Could this be improved?

Thank you for this great application! :)

Edit: I am using Revision 753 on 10.4.7 (PowerPC)
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