Decomposed Encoding of Meta Information

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Decomposed Encoding of Meta Information

Post by Horus »


I've just noticed that Rip seems (in contrast to Max) use the decomposed form of unicode for the FLAC metatags. That seem to confuse some tools, for example metaflac

comment[0]: TITLE=Konig der Narren

should be "König". Is this by design? I don't know if the spec gives information on how to handle that. Personally I consider decomposed the worse form of encoding umlauts and other letters with diacritics.

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Re: Decomposed Encoding of Meta Information

Post by sbooth »

Rip uses the flac command line executable to perform the actual FLAC encoding. This is a problem as you've noticed because all characters are not correctly passed to the shell. Right now this is a shortcoming in Rip, but the root cause of the problem is the way that Apple's NSTask works. Here is the documentation:
The NSTask object converts both path and the strings in arguments to appropriate C-style strings (using fileSystemRepresentation) before passing them to the task via argv[]) . The strings in arguments do not undergo shell expansion, so you do not need to do special quoting, and shell variables, such as $PWD, are not resolved.
I believe this can be worked around by saving the tags to a file, and telling flac the path to the file containing the tags.
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