wishlist for new releases

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wishlist for new releases

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I'm new here, I've tried to see if anyone else had suggested similar wishes before posting this.
Didn't find any similar issues, sorry if I missed similar requests from other users.
I've adopted Play since I recently migrated to Mac OS X from Windows with some tons of FLAC files that I used to handle/tag/rip/play with Foobar.

I would strongly benefit from an output control that can be set in precise amount of attenuation in dB, not just visual or percent. I mostly play my files onto pro audio systems where reproduction levels are not guessed in order not to fight with neighbors, but set precisely within the limits of next device's audio input capabilities.
Although it can't be seen right from install, the lower bar in Foobar houses an output level reading (in dB) that can be mapped to, say, CTRL + and CTRL - so that avoiding the pesky peak with hotter-mastered recent tracks can be done on the spot.

The ability to shoot long and complex playlists of files somehow conflicts with the typical screen size of modern laptops, whereas 16:9 ratio would grace movies more than Play users. Still, a practical and useful workaround in my previous platform proved effective: tabs. Tabs linked to a playlist right on top of the window with the files listed for playing. Instead of having to find "that" one among 100 (when I can't remember artist or track name, and now it's clear I'm not a kid anymore), I'll just swap different playlists without having to load or unload any of these, or replacing any of the content.

Last (but not least, as usual) I would truly appreciate a stronger support to customizing commands via keyboard shortcuts, which save your day again in the realtime battle of delivering the right file at the right moment when assigned to some transport control hardware (like Contour Design's ShuttleXpress or ShuttlePRO, or Frontier's Tranzport or AlphaTrack), especially if linked to tabbed-like playlist switching.
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