intermediate level of editing metadata after encoding??

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intermediate level of editing metadata after encoding??

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As a new user of MAX, I loaded a first CD, found an album art picture and tags, encoded; all was well.
2nd cd, no art found, no tags; oh well, encode now, clean up later...
nth CD, I have learned to find/make album art and found the script to get tags from itunes; time to clean up early encodes....
I can edit the tags one character at a time...
I can't find any way to attach album art after encoding; do I need to learn metaflac and scripting to do this?
I can delete the album from my library and reencode with everything I know so far...

I would like to re-open the cdinfo file, update it with current and future tools, and then push the "re-write the library file to look like I did it this way the first time, but don't bother me with re-inserting the CD or re-encoding it" button, but that button is grayed out.
It would also be nice to write the album title and cdinfo title into a log file to ease the task of finding the right cdinfo file.

This seems like features that would have been requested many times. Did I miss some pointer to answers to these issues? One character at a time or start over are extreme choices; is there any implementation of middle ground?

Thank you for what already works.
900 CDs to go with Squeezebox Duet, ReadyNAS, MAX 0.8.1
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