id3: Frame for CD set

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id3: Frame for CD set

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this question is a bit offtopic since it has nothing to do with Max. I hope you forgive me.

As you may have guessed from my previous posting I convert all my CDs to FLAC for archiving and from FLAC to MP3 for listening. For the flac -> mp3 conversion I have my own small python script making use of flac / metaflac and lame / id3v2 command line tools. (If anyone is interested in this script: I would be happy to post it here).
One task my script needs to do is to read out the metadata from flac and to put them in the mp3 file.
The flac metadata has a field to set a CD number and total number of CDs containing the current album. (Track is from CD 1 of 2). (You can set this field in Max when ripping to flac)
Newer revisions of the id3 standard have a large number of frames in which information can be stored. My problem is that I have no idea in which frame this information belongs.

Thanks for help!

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