Thanks You, sbooth, for a Great Program!

Discuss Max, an open source CD audio extractor and audio converter.
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Thanks You, sbooth, for a Great Program!

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Developers don't always get enough thanks (especially from people sending bug reports or requests).

Before Max was released, there was very little I could do with audio on the Mac outside of the iTunes world. Unbelievably, there was no swiss-army knife for the Mac audio world. Having come from using Linux, I was used to having a plethora of swiss-army tools (from Grip to SoundJuicer to KDE's Konqueror drag&drop audio kio slaves).

Now, it looks like I can use my FLAC library and use it for its intended purpose: letting me transcode to new audio formats as needed. (My FLAC collection is now more useful than my Ogg Vorbis part of the collection. Before, I couldn't easily use the FLAC files whereas I could listen to, but not edit or easily manage (on iTunes) Vorbis files.)

It seems that magically, over a few months' time (though I know it took a lot of work), the Mac went from having the least open native audio conversion/management tools to having the best open conversion tool I have used. Thanks to sbooth, and the others involved, I don't have to deal with Fink and X11 just to rip a CD into the file format of my choice.

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Hear, hear!

Max fills a heretofore-empty niche. Until now i've been taking all my cds to work to rip in my linux machine there.

Thanks very much Stephen.

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