Max Chokes on errors and doesn't log them. Workarounds?

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Max Chokes on errors and doesn't log them. Workarounds?

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Hi All:

I'm converting a bunch of files of mixed format. Some are Apple Lossless, some are MP3s, some are AACs of higher bit rates. I'm converting them all down to AAC 128 VBR so they fit better on my iPhone.

The problem is I keep getting errors like:
An error occurred while encoding the file "Song.m4a".
ExtAudioFileRead failed: !buf
There are three problems with this. 1) Why does this happen? 2) Why does the error message STOP all processing? I would like Max to continue on with the rest while logging the error. When you are converting LARGE numbers of files, it's frustrating that this has to become an interactive process! 3) The log does not record errors! I would love it if the Log recorded JUST the errors so that way Max can finish everything else, and I can just go back and deal with the trouble files.

Does anyone know how to overcome any of the above 3 issues? Thanks!
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