MAX ALAC rip -- unusual high bitrates (little compression)

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MAX ALAC rip -- unusual high bitrates (little compression)

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[ edit: the problem described below exists in both 0.7.1 and 0.8.1 (to which I upgraded this evening) ]

disc: Crosby & Nash Wind on the Water [ 2000 remaster MCA ]

I use MAX pretty much for all CD ripping, direct to Apple Lossless (ALAC). In general, I typically see ALAC bitrates of 700 - 950 kbps or so when it comes to similar music; in fact, most of the similar-era, or similar remasterings of CSN & related fall into roughly that range.

noticed recently when tagging files ripped from this particular CD (as part of many hundreds ripped in several sessions) for my server, that the resulting bitrates were all 1399-1411 kbps, and (of course) that sizes of the associated Apple Lossless files were pretty much same as the original uncompressed file sizes on the CD. No issue on any other CD in this mega-MAX-session (or in my Archive of thousands of titles ripped and converted with MAX).

Reconfirmed MAX settings for Apple Lossless, went back and did it again: same result (duh). All file sizes roughly same as CD; all bitrates showing 1399 - 1411 kbps (ie inconsequentially, or not-at-all reduced from the CD native rate of 1411kbps).

went and tried with iTunes, ALAC bitrates of resulting files were more typical: 772 - 915 kbps

Went back to MAX; ripped as AIFF (all 1411 of course) and converted to ALAC: again, all files with essentially-non-reduced bitrates

Files that cannot be compressed much from the original are generally indicative of large amount of high-frequency content.

Is there something in particular here which could be causing MAX to choke? Any bizarre high-frequency dither in the audible region on this CD, or somesuch?
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