What's goin' on here?

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What's goin' on here?

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Like many max users I am in the process of ripping my CD collection to a lossless format. Things have been going quite smoothly but there have been a few weird things happening.

If I use iTunes to encode 'Speak to Me/Breathe' from Pink Floyd's DSotM it plays into 'On the Run' without a hiccup.

However if I use MAX in CD paranoia, or basic ripper mode then there's a slight hiccup in the sound at the track interstice. This isn't the result of a 'gapless' type error. What happens is that the MAX version of track 1 is very slightly longer than it should be and it includes a tiny part of the next track, and this little segment of overrun is then repeated when 'On the Run' starts, thus giving the effect of a slight stutter.

If I use comparison ripper the glitch disappears.

Other 'gapless' albums that I have ripped (and tested) do not seem to suffer from this defect. It has only been detected at the end of the 1st track on DSotM, on not other tracks on the same album.

Another small issue is that iTunes reports the bit rates of the M4A audio differently for iTunes encoded material and MAX encoded material. As the difference is only 1-2 kbps it may be due to 'rounding', but is an anomaly none the less.

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