encoding errors in Max 0.71

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encoding errors in Max 0.71

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I updated to Max 0.71 but unfortunately I'm not able anymore to convert FLAC to AIFF (or any other format I think) as I get the following error on the first file, or any first file if that is removed from the file conversion.

***dialog window***:
An error occured while encoding the file "TheFilesNameHere.(null)".

[NOTE: this exception originated in the server.]
AudioFileGetGlobalInfo failed: typ?

I also get crashes after this error when clicking indicating that the OS X windowserver initiated the error as parent process.

SOLUTION: Downgrading to Max 0.61 helped, so I'm staying with this version for now.
Any ideas what causes this?

Hardware info: powerbook g4 400Mhz, 1 GB RAM, OS X 10.4.8
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