SOLVED - Encoding with more than 2 cores

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SOLVED - Encoding with more than 2 cores

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[update] SOLVED - see last sentence.

I love this application...I am currently converting a very large flac music collection to apple lossless so I can use iTunes library capabilities, and Max is enabling me to do it.

I have noticed while slogging through all these files that it looks like only a maximum of 2 files are encoded at one time - and judging from the activity monitor my Mac Pro has several CPU cores that are not being utilized to the maximum.

Is there any way to enable Max to use as many cores as there are available? It would speed up the encoding process, though I realize it only applies to those machines with more than two cores (the minority right now I imagine).

UPDATE - I think I must be blind not to notice the option for 'max encoders' under the general page in Preferences! Problem solved, thanks.
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