Smoother importing of tracks to library

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Smoother importing of tracks to library

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I am a recent switcher from Windows as my main home OS, and after trying to beat iTunes into submission I gave up on getting any proper results from it with my library. My library is pretty big, has a lot of various formats, mp3/flac being the most frequent.

In Windows I used MediaMonkey, a pretty powerful media management application. I searched around a bit before trying Play, but so far I am pretty satisfied with the most important stuff. It plays my tracks, and it works with flac ;)

I have a couple of feature requests, the most important one would be a better experience with importing tracks. MediaMonkey does this very well. Any import tasks run as background processes, and always show what track they are processing at the moment. The tasks can be terminated or given lower priority. I do not expect Play to do exactly what MediaMonkey does, but it would at least be very helpful to have some sort of display of what is currently being imported. Of course, backgrounding the task, and continuosly updating the library with already processed tracks would be killer cool.

Is there any way to support the development of Play?
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