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Awesome player!

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I'm a recent Mac switcher, and former Foobar user, and I've been looking for a decent audio program that supports my Oggs and Flacs. I wasn't really happy with Cog - I keep my music organized, so it was usable with the browser, but a decent library solution (with tagging, no less) is definitely better.

A couple things i'd like to see:

Support for the Apple Remote - Cog got that right, for sure. Enable the Apple remote, allow it to function even if Cog isn't in front. Have a tap on the menu button close the program, so it can still get to FrontRow without needing the keyboard or mouse.

Smarter shuffle - even using it for only a few minutes, Play repeated one or two songs very quicky. I guess it's playing random instead of true shuffle, where any song is as likely to play as another, without keeping track of what has already played? I'd suggest using one of Foobar's solutions - with a press of the shuffle button, literally ranomize the songs in the Now Playing viewer, and force start at the top. This allows for some user manipulation while still keeping things essentially random

edit: after switching to 901 from 0.1.2, the shuffle is sounding much better. It could be an update, it could be the larger playlist I'm using, or I could have been imagining it in the first place. I'll keep messing with it, but it's already working much better than Cog - that seemed to get stuck in loops of 5-10 songs no matter how big the playlist was. /edit

Some kind of miniplayer - there are several ways to go about this, and all are about as good as another. My favorite was a plugin for Foobar, called Prettypopup. It could be told what information to display, included album art, and could be assigned commands based on clicking the display itself. The entire window acted as a button, and Leftclick-Play/Pause, Rightclick-Next Track was often all I ever needed from the miniplayer. That's a bit of extreme minimalism, even from a Mac app, but just throwing it out there.

Tagging from freeDB, and sorting/renaming based on tags - sorting might be outside the scope of what you're trying to do, but it'd be cool if it was there :)

Maybe a way to search the Now Playing field as well as the library, and maybe cut the current song info field down for a little playlist pane? I dunno, I'm less sure about these. The sidebar works ok, but it'd be nice to have some playlist access on the main screen.

Of course, album art and slightly snazzier buttons would be nice, but really, I'm about functionality.

Excellent app. Thanks for getting it out there.
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