WAV to FLAC - Bit Rate Reduced By Half

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Mr. Camaro
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WAV to FLAC - Bit Rate Reduced By Half

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I'm trying to use this program to convert some WAV files (44.1, 16-bit, 1,411kbs) to FLAC, but when I convert the FLAC files come out to around 700kbs. Do I have the settings wrong (I've tried it a number of ways already), is this not supported, or is this just a bug in the program?

I also have 24/96 AIFF files and when I try to convert them to FLAC they go from 4,608 to 3,475 bitrate. Again am I setting it up wrong or is the converter just flawed? Anyone know of a lossless converter for Mac running OSX 10.8.2? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Re: WAV to FLAC - Bit Rate Reduced By Half

Post by sbooth »

Since FLAC is compressed it makes sense that the bitrate would be less than the uncompressed files, depending on how it is being calculated. Why do you think that audio data is being lost?
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