Is Tag still in development?

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Is Tag still in development?

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First off, WOW, I can't believe my old account here still exists! Amazing!

Second, I am curious about Tag's future. Sure, it works great under Sierra, but tomorrow they're announcing 10.13 (Sierra Madre, maybe?) and who knows if it'll still work under THAT? Tag is a vital application for me as I work to import my CD collection and to verify my tags from old rips as I update them. It would be very reassuring to know that an updated version of Tag, or perhaps its replacement was in the pipeline.

I'm not gonna unload a wishlist on you, either. There's a lot I would like to see added, but that can wait. Mostly what I want you to know is I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is. Tag is currently selling for $5 on the MAS, but I'd pay $20 for a new version. Charge whatever you like, but tell me where to PayPal more and I'll do it in a heartbeat. In fact, even though I already got it from the MAS, I just bought a copy from your website.

Maybe this should just have been an email. I don't know. But maybe some other folks here will see it and chime in.