Genre missing on Max-tagged MP3 files

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Genre missing on Max-tagged MP3 files

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I've been re-ripping and re-tagging a huge collection of CDs and found that what I enter for genre never makes it to iTunes.

iTunes shows the MP3s as having a v2.4 tag and sees all the fields except the Genre.

If I dump the file using id3v2 (installed from source with Fink) it only dumps out the v1 tags and doesn't show that v2.4 tags exist. It appears to not recognize any of the v2.4 frames that Max adds. The id3v2 version is 0.1.11 and uses id3lib-3.8.3, which appears to be the latest version of id3lib.

If I use Axone.jar (see and it shows the 2.4 frames, but still doesn't show the genre.

I used iTunes to then add the genre as 'Alternative' and dumped it again in Axone and it now showed iTues added a TCON frame containing '(20)', which I think is the v1 code for 'Alternative'.

Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on here? Is there an incompatibility between the tag library that Max uses and id3lib? Is there some sort of bug in iTunes with genre?
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