Feature Request: Contextual Menu Item

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Feature Request: Contextual Menu Item

Post by glenesis »

First of all, I've been using Max for a very long time, and I thank you all for your work on this project. I've watched some nasty bugs come and go, and in the recent releases, everything I've tried seems to be working swimmingly! Kudos to all! Until I found Max, I cursed the day I'd switched to OSX - I really missed SoundApp a whole lot. Now, I live in OSX quite happily, largely due to this nifty little program.

I was wondering if it would not be to difficult to add to the preferences the option to install a contextual menu item for the Finder which would, ideally, convert all of the selected audio files to whatever the most recent conversions settings were in the application. I convert huge quantities of FLAC to ALAC for the most part. Having the ability to initiate unatended batch conversion from the Finder would be a tremendous time saver for me and my library maintenance.


Thanks for the consideration! None of the pro stuff I've ever used worked this well or as simply. Max just does the job so well.
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Re: Feature Request: Contextual Menu Item

Post by RonaldPR »

Not a contextual menu, but equally effective: In the menu bar you will find Max in the Services menu item in the application (Finder) menu: Finder > Services > Max > Convert Selected File

Edit: It will work with selected audio files or selected folders with audio files.
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