The new name for Max will be...

Discuss Max, an open source CD audio extractor and audio converter.

What should the new name be?

Audio Duper
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Post by johnjeffrey »

Keep it at Max...
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Post by danpritts »

I'm not a big fan of any of the proposed renames, but halcyone at least has personality.
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Post by Fuga »

What's your latest thingking, Stephen, on the name change? I was initially concerned as there was already at least two other apps named simply Max, not to mention ll the other variations on the word. Now I can think of maybe five othe instances where in someone has named an app the same as another so the fact isn't all that exclusive.

I *do* like ARC mentioned a few posts ago. Best i can tell there is nothing else already named that.
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Post by sbooth »

My inclination is to keep the name Max, since it's simple and I like it! I wouldn't want to alienate any potential users with a name change, either. So all other things being equal I will just leave it as-is. The path of least resistance!
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Post by krmathis »

I say, keep the Max name.
* Most users, including me, like it.
* The Max name have been established. And are connected to "The" CD ripper for Mac OS X.
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Post by Steve »

I'm perfectly fine with the name Max, but I just found a company with an audio app called Max/MSP. Maybe it's worth considering a change now...

FWIW, my vote is for "Arc" as mentioned above. (Please don't go all caps!)
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"Audiophora" gets my vote

Post by General Jack D. Ripper »

"Max" isn't descriptive enough, and it's not very original, either. I like best app names that either suggest the app's function, or are a clever play on words.
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Max Asex Asexual Halcyon

Post by yopyop »

I vote for Max - even though there is an programming language for audio/video that's called that. Anyway, I think you can eclipse that. But if you think no, then just call it ASEX in homage to 0SEX..

Or maybe ASexMaxx, or just SEXXMAXX.

Pretty much the more XXXs you can get in the better.

And a negative vote goes to 'Halcyon', unless the logo is in the shape of a big white pill.
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Post by rodb »

Max Audio Copy, MAC.
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Post by wynlyndd »

Euphonia would be my vote.
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Post by thrust »

fwiw, when you say "max" in the context of audio software, it pretty well always means max/msp to those who are familiar with it. if the name collided with software in a different genre, it would be easier to sort out via context, but in this case max/msp has a 20 year head-start on history..
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Re: The new name for Max will be...

Post by Gretch »

How about Spewie?
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Re: The new name for Max will be...

Post by tipsch »

My vote for keeping Max.
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Re: The new name for Max will be...

Post by sbooth »

Gretch wrote:How about Spewie?
Wasn't that the alien from Get a Life?
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Re: The new name for Max will be...

Post by chicken »

Max gets my vote

no offense but the other four names don't make my nipples quiver with delight :?
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