Dedicated USB Port

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Dedicated USB Port

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I am a newbee, I am setting up a V DACII to a Mac book pro, All the advice I have read says to make sure that the port you use is set up for only one device. My MacBook Pro has two USB ports, regardless of which port I plug it into, when I go to preferences, sounds, output I get the recognition of the V DAC but also Internal Speakers - Built In. Does this mean that the port is dedicated to the V DAC or do I need to do something to get the Internal Speakers off this port?

Well I think I got my answer, I can here the chimes when I "get email", so perhaps I need to do something to dedicated one port to the DAC, but I do not know how and can't seem to find it in these dialogues.

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Re: Dedicated USB Port

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The best way to tell what devices are on your USB bus is to use USB Prober. You can use the various tabs at the top of the window to explore which devices are on which USB bus.

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Re: Dedicated USB Port

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There may be a much simpler, better way to make a port exclusive, but I use Airfoil to direct the output of Decibel to an Airport Express connected to my main sound system. Airfoil can also be set to direct the output to devices attached to USB ports (such as DACs) or the headphone jack. One of the Airfoil Preferences is "Play Local Audio Through: Silence Output" This prevent the beeps and squeaks of the computer from interrupting your music.

To the best of my knowledge Airfoil will work with the Mac optical output as well as USB, but my DAC (with optical input) is connected to my Airport Express and buried under too many wires and under too much dust to dig it out and try it on my MacBook Pro. I'm pretty sure I have done this in the past, though.

In addition, Airfoil does not use the Mac system volume control, so when you turn down the Mac control the "local" sounds are turned down while the Airfoil-selected source (Decibel) is controlled solely by Airfoil and/or Decibel.