Adding Tracks to Decibel - Assistance Required Please

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Adding Tracks to Decibel - Assistance Required Please

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Hi there,
I am new to Decibel and was hoping someone could assist me.
Last night I added some tracks from my iTunes library - all lossless ALAC from lossless sources up to 192/24 - and all went well and Decibel played great. After adding 300 or so tracks I thought I would add the rest of my library of 25,500 tracks and for some reason my 2011 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM crashed and the tracks were not added.
Is this a simple case of asking too much of Decibel and should I add smaller amounts of tracks each time (eg. 1,000), or is it some other issue? I am at work now so cannot try, but would be interested in other users experiences before I do get home and try tonight.
Any help appreciated.
With many thanks,

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Re: Adding Tracks to Decibel - Assistance Required Please

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Right now Decibel is not designed to handle that many tracks- it has only a single playlist and doesn't have its own library for fast access to that many tracks across application restarts. It definitely should not crash, but there are some tricky bugs still in existence.