Albums with two or more disks

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Albums with two or more disks

Post by tehabe »

I have noticed two problems with albums which includes multiple CDs:
  • The second CD gets the same metadata as the first CD. This also effects Max. Could be change or bug with Musicbrainz.
  • In the default settings, Rip doesn't add the disc number to the file name.
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Re: Albums with two or more disks

Post by dlouzan »

Musicbrainz has changed the metadata system (now called Musicbrainz NG) and disc numbers on release titles have been deprecated. When adding a new release, the different discs are created under that single release (the disc numbers are stored as part of the release).

Unfortunately, neither Max nor Rip have been updated to comply with these changes. The only program I know of that has been updated is the tagger Jaikoz. The process I use is, extract the media with Rip, then correct the metadata with Jaikoz, which can either re-add the disc number to the release title as before, or create a subfolder hierarchy (e.g. 'Release Name/disc 2').

Anyway, it is a time-consuming process, as Rip will detect all discs of the release as if they were disc 1, meaning that one has to manually correct all the other discs. I am eagerly expecting an update :-)

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