Play or Decibel...the next stage

Discuss Play, an open source multi-format audio player.
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Play or Decibel...the next stage

Post by notoneofmyseeds » Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:53 pm

First of all I want to thank you for Play.

But you must know that Play is the only player out there that:
1. Supports PPC machines
2. Has features such as Library and Folder Watch
3. Supports as many file formats as there are

The first point is the most important. I just spent two weekends, almost non-stop desperately trying what's out there for PPC machines. I'm on 10.5.8. And found nothing. Nothing. You hear me, nothing! And I was very happy to find play. Even when I noticed that there has not been development in a long, long time. But I quickly figured out that your time went to developing Decibel, for which you ask money. Which is fine.

But I must say, if you can find a way to make Decibel works on PPC machines, you'd see a spike in people who buy it from you. I have searched forums going back to when 10.5.8 was the latest to worship from apple. And back then people were, as they're now, searching for an application like Play.

There are lots of people out there with PPC machines. So don't despair; you won't be wasting your time at all.

So either work some more on Play, or make Decibel support PPC. I would have bought Decibel in a heartbeat, if I see that it supports PPC. But, sadly, it does not.

Anyway, thanks a lot for Play. I gave it about 50GB of music and it's having a hard time adding it to its library.

Can I ask what's the difference between the Watch Folder and the Library? How can I rebuild the either of them, or both.

Thanks a lot! You gave me back, at least, 4 hours of my weekend to do something else.

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Re: Play or Decibel...the next stage

Post by sbooth » Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:29 am

Unfortunately getting Decibel to work on PPC machines isn't really practical. Decibel makes use of many APIs that are not available in Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 and I would essentially be maintaining two versions of the app.

As to the difference between a watch folder and the library, a watch folder is a folder that Play keeps track of and automatically adds and removes files from the library as the folder contents change. The library is Play's database of tracks it knows about.

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Re: Play or Decibel...the next stage

Post by notoneofmyseeds » Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:45 pm

Thanks for your response.

I don't do programming, but I can say that maintaining the same program on two platforms, in this particular case, will pay off.

I will be the first person to pay for a PPC version.

I've since found lots of questions about Play, but since you no longer maintain it, I won't ask. I will take it as is.

And many thanks for the clarification you've made for me on Play. Much appreciated.

Please do consider the tons of PPC folks out there who need what you have, only a version of it for their machines. We will support you.

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