Valuable feature requests

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Valuable feature requests

Post by humbleice »

Hello sbooth, I'm new to your software but am already completely satisfied with your suite of tools that satiate my needs as an OS X FLAC user. I am in the process of downsampling FLAC files into mp3 V0s and I've noticed a few small features that I miss from other Windows programs I've used; most of them have to do with customizing the way files are named. I'll put the in order of probable ease to do:

1. Underscore conversions aren't supported. If would be nice if Tag and Max supported the ability to add/remove underscores for spaces when renaming files.
2. Capitalization conversions. How do you want your files to be capitalized? Lowercase, Uppercase, Title case (First letter in every word is uppercase), Uppercase First. Also, what strings do you want the case to be preserved? NWA, M.I.A., etc.
3. A user-created library of string conversions would also be nice. For example, sometimes people like using "&" instead of "and" or visa-versa. A library would automatically find one string and convert it to the other.

There are a few other naming related features that are cool and useful, but these top the list. If you're interested, I'm basing these features on what CDex and Tag&Rename provide (two windows products)

One other more `difficult` feature that I miss is Tag&Rename's ability to fingerprint a selection of files that make up an album and guess the tagging information. It's like using MusicBrainz or FreeDB for CDs, but it can also do already ripped files. I believe it uses the All Music Guide digital fingerprint information, but I don't know for sure. It's a very cool feature and would be extremely helpful for anyone missing metadata.

Here's the link for AMG's fingerprint program:

Cheers and thanks for you great products,
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Re: Valuable feature requests

Post by hanz »

I second this. The upper/lower/etc-case feature would be very cool, it's currently is the only one I'm really missing in Tag.
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Re: Valuable feature requests

Post by Lunchbox16 »

I like suggestion #3, as I am in the "&" camp and not "and" - I also capitalize the first letter of every word, including prepositions and articles. So something along the line proposed would be useful.

The other thing I would suggest is artwork support. I don't know if it's been suggested before, but it would be nice to be able to add artwork to FLAC files.

The last thing I'd suggest is more customizable options. Currently there is 1 custom field, but it would be nice if there were more custom field options "Sort Artist" and things of that nature.

All of this is assuming that I haven't missed something in the years I've been using Tag, which is entirely possible.
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