Tag + Fluke + iTunes

Discuss Tag, an open source metadata editor for audio files.
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Tag + Fluke + iTunes

Post by dain »

just found Tag and it`s amazing, now I can import my FLACs into iTunes via Fluke (http://cubicfruit.com/fluke/) with metadata, yay 8)

my only woe is, track and disc numbering somehow get lost in translation, so I end up with alphabetically ordered tracks inside albums - I know, iTunes is the stupidest media player ever, not being able to use filenames at all when Winamp did it probably as soon as it had a GUI..

any idea why?
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Re: Tag + Fluke + iTunes

Post by Fuga »

I played with FLuke for a tiny bit. Gave up. Just easier to convert to ALAC as then you have Art, too.
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