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iTunes integration.

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:44 pm
by cluffydog
Is there any way Max can be integrated into iTunes so I can replace existing tracks & keep the play count, last played etc. info. I have gone back to using iTunes to rerip my CDs because it is too much work getting the info correct using Max.

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:45 am
by ss3_gokoux
I would love for a feature like this as well, as I ever so slowly replace my untrustworthy downloaded material with the real CDs...

I do have a workaround though, and I swear it is much easier and faster than it looks here:

1. Rip and encode your tracks in Max, make sure they aren't getting automagically added to iTunes.
2. In iTunes, select one of the tracks from the album you just re-ripped (command-R), hit command-up (to go to the parent/main artist folder).
3. Copy the album folder to the Desktop (just in case! I tend to forget to copy artwork and lose it).
4. Quit iTunes**.
5. Move the album folder (from the iTunes artist folder) to the trash and empty it. Note: You must empty the trash.
6. Move the newly ripped album folder from max into the iTunes artist folder.
7. Launch iTunes. If the file names are exactly the same, iTunes won't even notice you replaced the tracks. Hit Get Info on one of the tracks to verify. Hit next/Previous to go through all the tracks in the album to ensure iTunes located all the new files correctly.
8. If all the tracks are good, you can safely delete the original album folder that you copied.

If you are replacing files with a different file extension (which very often is the case), when you get info on a track, iTunes will ask you to relocate the file, which is exactly where you just put it. This can be a little tedious (say for those lengthy double-disc albums), but at least it keeps all of your play counts, ratings, groupings, comments, etc (but not artwork).

This is what I end up doing a lot, including right now.

I wonder if someone could whip this into an AppleScript/Automator action...

** iTunes (on a Mac) locates files two ways, first by the HFS+ file ID (move the file as much as you like, the file ID will stay the same) and if that fails, then by the standard Unix-ish path /Users/you/Music/blah/blah.m4a. If iTunes is not running while you delete the files, it won't find them by the ID and will look in your music folder.