What and where is Max 0.7?

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Michael Graubart
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What and where is Max 0.7?

Post by Michael Graubart »

I use Max 0.6.1 very successfully (using the Paranoia ripper), but I've just downloaded Max 0.6.2b to try it. Yesterday when I opened it Max 0.6.2b asked whether I wanted to download Max 2 (!!!). Today it asked whether I would like to download Max 0.7. That seemed a bit more likely, but when I tried, an error message appeared; and I can't find anything about Max 0.7 on the S. Booth website — or anywhere else, for that matter. What gives?
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Post by Maurits »

If I'm correct Stephen is getting ready to get 0.7 out. To test the update mechanism it was already set to this update. You are using an 'unstable' build made for testing purposes so things like things can happen.

However, It's not out yet so I'm afraid you'll just have to press 'Install update' once in a while to check and see until it is.
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Post by sbooth »

The stuff about version 2 was just a placeholder when I switched to Sparkle for managing updates.

Max 0.7 is the next release that I am currently prepping- it should be out in a week or two. If you are not using a release version, you can ignore the alerts about updates being available.
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Hows it coming? Did you use my mockup? If so, can I get a credit line somewhere deep in an about box? :-P I haven't used Max at all lately so I haven't been keeping track of things. Hopefully I'll have more CDs to rip soon, and hopefully I'll be using a nice new version of Max to do it with.
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