Conversion --> Crash

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Conversion --> Crash

Post by Yonzie » Sat Nov 18, 2006 10:42 pm

When converting a large number of FLACs with build 1043 to ALAC, Max silently crashes. It suddenly stops converting.
After selecting "Stop All" and File > Convert..., the file browser box is unable to browse the disk. The left pane is as normal, but the right one is completely empty. After restarting Max, all is as normal.
First, I tried with 651 tracks and it stopped after 88. Then I tried with 171 which went fine. I then tried with 271 which hung after 71 tracks. With 257 it died after 244...

Also, when stopping the transcoding of several hundred tracks (using the mouse), it's slightly annoying to watch a procession of the same number of growl messages. It would be really nice if it didn't message Growl when something (like stopping a process) is selected by the user, or if it at least concatenated the messages into something like "Conversion of 529 tracks stopped".
Project complete: 625 CDs containing 8574 tracks ripped and scanned.

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