Preconfigured encoders?

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Preconfigured encoders?

Post by Maurits »

I have been thinking...

Thanks to CoreAudio and libsndfile Max is capable of handling very obscure formats, and that's great. The downside is that more common formats tend to get lost in the enormous amount of options. When a less experienced user wants to create an AAC file the options will first lure him towards AAC ADTS which is most likely not what he wants. Then there are two(!) MPEG4 selections of which one hides the setting he'll probably want (m4a). For WAV this is even more unclear, choose from: WAVE, W64 (SoundFoundry WAVE 64), WAV (Microsoft), WAV (NIST Sphere) and WAVEX (Microsoft).

Wouldn't it make sense to have a set of preconfigured encoders for the most common formats already in the upper list (but de-selected obviously!)? Let's say: MP3, Ogg, m4a, FLAC and WAV or something like that.

Even I still get lost in Max occasionally and for novice users the program must be downright frightening. That is a shame for such a valuable tool.
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Post by sbooth »

This is a very good idea!

The only minor hiccup I foresee is that the name of the format, which is localized, is stored in the Preferences. The default names would all be in English, but since we are talking about "MP3", "WAVE", and "FLAC" or "Ogg (Vorbis)" I don't think it's a big deal.
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Post by Maurits »

The only format I can think of that could pose a problem regarding localization is 'Apple Lossless'. The word 'Lossless' may get translated occasionally. Since even the French tend to keep this particular name in English I think it's not very likely though.

It's a good thing Max doesn't write Fairplay protected AAC's though, the French call them AAC Protégé. :)
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Post by RonaldPR »

sbooth wrote:but since we are talking about "MP3", "WAVE", and "FLAC" or "Ogg (Vorbis)"
I think "AIFF" also belongs in that list.
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A way to handle this...?

Post by flyingvole »

I know that Azureus, for example, shows you preferences based on how you define yourself as a user, whether it's 'advanced' or 'beginner'. Perhaps that would be a good way to handle this in Max, it it's easily done.

Anyway, I just recently discovered Max and find it an excellent program. It did take me a bit to figure it out, and I'm still figuring...! Which is why I like the idea of presets. So thanks for all the great work!

Other things I would like to see:
Instead of seeing a list of the formats as they're listed, I'd like to be able to rename each one that I've configured. Example: The MPEG4 Core Audio format has two choices, aac or alac. I'd like to be able to save two presets with this particular conversion format, each with its own name... that way I can easily see which one I'm selecting, especially when using the 'custom conversion' option.

I do like the idea I read before about combining all 3 programs... Perhaps (and I don't know squat about programming, so bear with my ignorance) it could be a big one window as was suggested. Perhaps the programs coudl remain independent but there could be a library management gui to integrate all 3? I'm probably going way beyond, but it would be great to have an app that worked well as a an integrated music library manager/player/converter/ripper, especially with the wealth of formats supported here. I would definitely pay for such a program, and would be happy to provide what help I could, if only in terms of UI suggenstions and beta testing.

Anyway, I say all this because the programs are all great, and it would be awesome to see them as an easily usable, more powerful alternative to itunes.

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