Bug when ripping CDs with a data track.

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Bug when ripping CDs with a data track.

Post by niklaskb »

When ripping CDs that has a data track (for multimedia, etc.) the ripping always stops/hangs on the second last track (i.e. last audio track).
For example: I have a CD with a total of 11 tracks. the first 10 are audio tracks and the last one is an data track. Then I choose to rip the first 10 track. When the ripper comes to track 10 it stops at 82%. The percentage varies between different CDs, but it is always the last audio track at 70-90%.

The actual program doesn't hang since encoding of prevoius tracks continues, but the ripping stops completely.

I'm using Max v0.5.4, OSX 10.4 on a 12" iBook (from September 2005) with a Matshita CDW-8124.

I would also like to request a feature:
It would be nice to have an indication what tracks are data tracks so that you don't rip them. Now you first have to check in Finder whether the cd has a data track or not.

Thanks for a great program, by the way :)
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Post by krmathis »

The problem with ripping Mixed Mode CD's are discussed in this thread as well.
Seems like cdparanoia have problems ripping these CD's. So there might not be an easy workaround for this in Max.

I suggest you try another application to rip the troublesome track. Ex. cdda2wav, cdrdao or iTunes.
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