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Feature request: copy non-audio files from source folder

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 12:38 pm
by Veovis

I'm planning to use Max to convert my already ripped CD collection (flacs on an NTFS formatted drive) into aiff files on a HFS+ drive. Been playing around with the settings for a while and have found that I'm missing one important feature before I can begin the work for real.

Apart from the flacs my album folders consist of some album images in the jpg format (folder, back and CD.jpg) and also cue (.cue) files and log (.log or .txt) files. None of these files are embedded in the flacs. It would be great if Max could copy (not cut...) those files from the source folder and automatically put them in the destination folder. The PC software I'm using, dBPoweramp, has this feature but cannot be used to write files in HFS+.

I'm aware that one way to achieve this would be to let MacOS copy the complete ripped CD collection (around 1500 CDs) to the HFS+ drive and then use Max to convert the actual audio files. But I'd really be happy if the possibility to copy certain non-audio files from the source to destination folder were added so I could do this in one step.