Lossless 24-bit test

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Lossless 24-bit test

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I tested the lossless 24-bit again. The test was compress -> decompress. Monkey audio and WavePac don't work. Flac worked.

Monkey audio output was noise.
WavePac output was silent.

While testing I got this error too:

2006-08-27 15:32:34.138 Max[3403] *** NSTimer discarding exception 'Erhalte keine Statistik des Dateisystems.' that raised during firing of timer with target 6fa960 and selector 'updateFreeSpace:'

I used latest svn.

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warning on 24-bit and flac

Post by danpritts »

there's recent traffic on the flac-dev list regarding 24-bit files. be aware that flac is clearly broken w/r/t compressing them. It doesn't lose data, but it doesn't compress either.
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