CUE to XML (for Chapter Tool)

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CUE to XML (for Chapter Tool)

Post by NoName »

In trying out a few new ways to create album images with chapters for use in iTunes and on my iPod, I realized that Max reads CUE sheets very nicely. However, it won't mount the images (WAV files) corresponding to the CUE sheets. Does this matter? Hmm...

I think that it would be extremely useful if Max could open a CUE sheet and simply convert it to an XML file compatible with Apple's Chapter Tool. If this were feasible, I could simply use foobar2000 on my PC to create a single WAV of each of my albums along with a CUE sheet, transfer these sets to my Mac (or encode the WAVs to AAC on the PC first), convert the CUE sheet to XML with Max, and use Chapter Tool to add the necessary chapters.

I know there are several ways to skin the same cat, but I think I'm not alone in wanting to come up with a good solution that doesn't require loading all the CDs again in order to come up with a TOC, etc.

Any thoughts or feedback on this?
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Re: CUE to XML (for Chapter Tool)

Post by emsef »

Today I needed to do the same thing, so I sat down for half an hour and made this web-based tool. It converts .cue sheets to ChapterTool .xml which I then load into AudioBinder:

If you use it, let me know how you get on. It's certainly not bullet-proof but it handled the five CD .cue sheets that I had to chapterize just fine. Also, I'm interested in any good alternatives to AudioBinder that will import these .xml files.

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