Feature request: writing a cdrdao-style .toc file

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Feature request: writing a cdrdao-style .toc file

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It would be nice if Max would have an option to write a cdrdao-style TOC file. cdrdao is a well established burn utility.

The cdrdao distribution does contain a 'cue2toc' utility, but directly writing of a .toc file from Max would IMHO be preferable:

- who likes another step ?
- cue2toc must read, parse and interpret the cue file to produce the TOC. On the other hand, Max has all the information available internally during extraction, so simply writing it in another format offers a better guarantee to get the correct result.
- cue2toc cannot read a cue sheet embedded in a FLAC file.

If this option would be made available, I would suggest to not make it dependent on the option to write the audio content as a single file while extracting. It does make sense to save the TOC in a file, even if the actual content is actually broken in tracks. cdrdao is able to automatically reassemble the pieces using the .toc file.

Of course, this would not interfer with the cue file option ; it should be allowed to write both if one so desires.

Thank you for your kind attention.
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