Support Album Artist Tag?

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Support Album Artist Tag?

Post by Stephen304 »

I have been ripping CDs with Exact Audio Copy, and the resulting tracks have all the mata data filled out including artist (for the track) and album artist (for the entire album, the same for every track in an album). I converted some FLACs with Max and imported them into iTunes, but iTunes split up lots of the albums based on the "Artist" field. It appears that Max deleted the album artist tag from all my tracks.

Is there any possibility of supporting the Album Artist tag on FLACs? Is there any way to work around this problem?
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Re: Support Album Artist Tag?

Post by RonaldPR »

I never used Album Artist, didn't even know that tag existed. Did you use the Album Name tag?
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Re: Support Album Artist Tag?

Post by maxandtaguser »

"Album Artist" is a very useful tag, I am also here looking to see if Max supports it.

For example, sometimes a DJ will release a live mix album. In some cases, the original artist might be listed in the "Artist" data field, so there will be multiple artists listed on the album. When you bring the album into iTunes, it does not recognize that these are all part of the same album, even though they have the same "Album Title". Instead, iTunes will sort as if they are all different albums of the same title by different artists.

If you have the "Album Artist" in metadata, iTunes will handle it perfectly.

What I've been doing is converting .flac files to .mp3 files in Max, but when I do this Max drops the "Album Artist" metadata, so I have to use Tag to edit the metadata, so that I can get the "Album Artist" back in there. But, this is tedious, since it has to be done separately for every "Album Artist".

If Max didn't delete the "Album Artist" data when converting my files, It would be so much more useful for me.
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