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Autofill track names with custom output string

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:26 am
by amclean
Hi and thank you for a wonderful piece of software.

We're using a custom output string to organise our files in a certain manner, and I've noticed that if I leave all of the metadata blank Max will convert the files and keep the track title intact.
However if we change any of the other metadata categories, and leave the track title intact it will give the track a generic name- eg 'untitled 1', 'untitled 2' and so on.
The titles on our files are often quite long so it would be great to not have to retype, especially when doing batch converts.

Is it possible to set up the output string or other settings so the Track Title can stay intact, but we can still edit the other metadata. For reference our current output string is below:

{albumDate}/{albumGenre}/{albumTitle}/{trackNumber} {trackTitle}

Thanks in advance!