Max Issues in OS 10.6.8?

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Max Issues in OS 10.6.8?

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Hello, I am new to the Max community, just downloaded it the other day and have been trying to get it to work to quickly rip my collection of several 100's of audio CD's. I know that many on this forum are interested in maximum fidelity and I would be too, if time weren't of the essence! I am attempting to rip a bunch of CD's before an unexpected move, with the intention of transferring the AAC files onto my newly-acquired Corsair Voyager Air external wireless drive.

I have downloaded/installed/uninstalled Max several times in an attempt to change the format, to no avail. Because the CD drive in my 2007/2008 MacBook Pro 15" is so old and outdated, I am ripping using an LG GE24NU40 external DVD burner, with CD-ROM and CD-R read times of 48x. The device connects to my laptop via USB 2.0.

After initializing the Max program, it often hangs indefinitely or lingers for excessive durations while attempting to determine pre-gap. Additionally, it will not allow me to specify format. I am also unable to manually specify a read speed (the higher the better, considering my time constraint - the LG drive advertises a read speed of up to 48x). I have had to resort to using iTunes for ripping these CD's, and I know that is not the most secure/accurate option.

I would like to use Max, however, the latest stable version (0.9.1) doesn't appear to be working nicely with my version of Max OS X (10.6.8 Snow Leopard). Any recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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