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john burrow
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New To Max

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After not getting on with XLD I'm giving MAX a go, up until now I've been using iTunes to rip my library, its good at organising but because it does not embed meta data into the file it means no artwork on my streaming device, besides I'd rather be ripping to FLAC, I've had a couple of go's with MAX but I can't seem to get it to output into folders(like iTunes), instead it's loading them onto my NAS as individual tracks, "rip to a single file" puts it into a folder but then it's just 1 track without gaps. Could someone advise me on the settings so MAX makes a folder just like iTunes. I know this is basic stuff but I'm very frustrated here.
Many thanks, John
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Re: New To Max

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By default Max should generate a similar file structure as iTunes. I would turn off the rip to single file option- it doesn't sound like that is what you want. Have you set a custom output file naming format? Output preferences similar to
should get close to what you want. Can you describe more fully what you're seeing?
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