Having trouble getting Music Brainz to fetch Year & Genr

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Having trouble getting Music Brainz to fetch Year & Genr

Post by ben2e »

Max is working great for me except that the Year and Genre are never filled in for me on the album window. I created a Music Brainz account and have server set to:

Port 80
then my username and password. In fact I'm not sure how to tell if I'm connecting to it at all. Can anyone help ? I'm having better luck getting this info using EAC on a nearby windows box using freedb with much better luck. Only problem there is I have to use Windows...

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Post by shanecavanaugh »

MusicBrainz has no genre information, so Max can't grab it. As for the year, MusicBrainz has release dates for each country it was released in, and those years could differ. Max's developer hasn't come up with the best way to pick which year yet.

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Post by Yonzie »

Freedb's genre information is notoriously sucky and you are better off just choosing one yourself.
If you have trouble choosing a genre, you can probably find the disc on discogs.com and they'll give you a really good idea of the genre.
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