AIFF 24 bit and iTunes work great!

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AIFF 24 bit and iTunes work great!

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I have spent the last 2 weeks with finding out how to rip my quite large CD collection at the highest possible quylity level to several harddisks.

I think I have tried everything available for the Mac and can say, there is NO BETTER WAY than using MAX. The metadata now get correctly used for the AIFF files in IiTunes and I can run 3 three drives parallel for ripping which speeds up the process dramatically.

And here comes the best: I know this is not logical, but a 24bit AIFF from an ordinary CD sounds so much sweeter than an 16 bit AIFF. And as anything ripped with iTunes, anyway. I have tried this several times and invited my wife to some blind testing - she very quickly noticed which one the 24bit recording was... .

Keep on going and my donation is on the way. I know you don't ask for donations, but you cannot stop me this time :-)


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