How to run "Get iTunes Metadata"?

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How to run "Get iTunes Metadata"?

Post by meowsqueak »

I'm trying to understand what exactly this so-called "script" (found in the distribution .tar.bz2) actually is.

People are calling it a script but it's clearly a .app, it's binary (not text like every other 'script'), when I try and run it it says I need Rosetta installed, and when I open it in applescript-editor it's just a jumbled mess of text and characters.

Clearly I'm not understanding what this file is, or how to run it, but I do know what it *does* and would dearly like to have it do it's thing - any help please?

I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on an Intel MBP.
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Re: How to run "Get iTunes Metadata"?

Post by RonaldPR »

It is an AppleScript script, saved as application. In the download it is a PPC application, that's why it needs Rosetta. If you do not want to install Rosetta, you can open the script in Snow Leopard in AppleScript Editor (it should look like a proper script, not a "jumbled mess of text and characters") and save it again as application. Then you will have it as UB application that will work without Rosetta.

For more info see here:
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Re: How to run "Get iTunes Metadata"?

Post by mattn »

Just want to add a couple of things to RonaldPR's excellent answer.

The AppleScript language and editing/compilation tools have been part of Mac since System 7 (starting in about 1993). It's a very strange language and a very strange editing milieu, but it was intended to allow ordinary users to write scripts without having to be serious programmers, and it did accomplish that. Most important, it is the standard way to drive Mac applications programmatically; iTunes is scriptable with AppleScript, so that's why AppleScript is used here.

The purpose of saving the script as an application rather than a mere script is so that it will run when double-clicked. If it was a script, it would just open for editing (in the AppleScript Editor) but it would not run all by itself. This way, everything is automatic. But, as RonaldPR says, it *isn't* automatic now because the application was created so long ago that it requires Rosetta, which has to be installed in Snow Leopard and no longer exists in Lion and Mountain Lion.

I wrote a book about AppleScript if you're curious about the language and its history: ... 0596102119
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Re: How to run "Get iTunes Metadata"?

Post by sbooth »

I went ahead and re-uploaded a version saved for Intel. It is available from
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