max doesnt open

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max doesnt open

Post by jaymac »

ok Im new to Mac and MAx
I've downloaded Max (to convert some ogg files to mp3) got a Max icon in the download folder, I click that nothing happens, nothing opens. Put it on the wotsit bar (with all the other programs), click it, nothing.
nothing else to click except 3 files
- Delete Preferences
- Delete Saved CD info
- Get iTunes - whats this one?

any clues?
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Re: max doesnt open

Post by RonaldPR »

Do not run applications from the download folder. Though you could, better first install them in (drag them to) your Applications folder. You can access applications easier when you put the icon in the Dock (see it as an advanced sort of shortcut), but it is not needed to be able to run them.

When you launch Max, no window will open, but when Max is running and in front, the menus in the menu bar will be Max's menus.
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