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Multi Disk Albums

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:19 am
by PeterN
Hi, I've started ripping my CD library with Max (to make it available to a Logitech Touch via my NAS) - so far a very good and useful tool, but things seem harder than necessary for multi-disk albums. For albums that Musicbrainz knows about, every disk after the first seems to load with the correct Title, Artist etc as well as the correct number of tracks - but it has the track titles from the first disk.

If disk 2 has more tracks than disk 1, the additional tracks at the end have the correct titles, so it seems as though some of the correct information is being retrieved.

I'm working around this by re-entering the correct track titles for the subsequent disks, but I'd hate to do all that extra work if I'm simply not pressing the right button :(


Re: Multi Disk Albums

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:38 am
by mugnebot
I observed this problem, too.
I'm not sure, but I think the problem did not exist some months ago (with the same version of Max - 0.9.1).
Seems that the interface / data output of MusicBrainz has changed?
My new-years-wish is a new release of Max with this problem fixed :-)

Btw, is Max still under development or lost and forgotten in a drawer? I hope not so...

Re: Multi Disk Albums

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:09 pm
by sbooth
Max is not forgotten, but I don't have the amount of time to devote to it that I'd like. I hope to release a new version in the first few months of 2012.

Re: Multi Disk Albums

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:23 pm
by mugnebot
Great to hear that Max is still alive :)
Currently I'm not missing any feature (beside the named bug with multi disk albums) - but I'm always happy about a new release!
If you need any kind of help or support (testing, research, documentation, development, ...) - let us know.
Max is a great tool and I don't want to miss it.
Kind regards and a happy new year from Germany...

Re: Multi Disk Albums

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:14 am
by nascenta
Just want to chime in here. I have had the same difficulty and it took a lot of effort to fix it. I have a 4-disk anthology. I had to change metadata track names using audacity and then save it. Yes, it was a pain. Other than that I love this program. Thanks