Retain all ID3v2 tags

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Retain all ID3v2 tags

Post by Lixabix »

Is it possible for Max to retain all ID3v2 tags when converting?

I tag my collection with Musicbrainz. My main collection is largely ALAC, but I make AAC copies to put on my mp3 player. Although most of the important tags are retained, many are lost, such as the Musicbrainz ID tags. These are quite important for identifying particular releases and maintaining consistency between the two libraries.

According to Musicbrainz tag mapping (below) the tags are written as 'TXXX: Musicbrainz Album Id' etc.

Is there a way to get Max to write these tags and others to new files? Perhaps a script?

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Re: Retain all ID3v2 tags

Post by sbooth »

I can't think of a way to force Max to copy these tags. All of the solutions I've thought of are quite hackish and wouldn't work very well in the general case. In the future it would be possible to add support for them, though.
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