Best Practice for Cover Art?

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Best Practice for Cover Art?

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Hi All:

I tried to search for answers to this question, but my search terms are apparently too common. Anyone have any suggestions for best practices for cover art? I have had, at best, mixed results with embedded art. I tried cover.tiff, cover.jpg, AlbumName.tiff, AlbumName.jpg, and each seems to fail at some time or another UPnP players.

TIA for any suggestions.
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Re: Best Practice for Cover Art?

Post by jazzyguy »

Here's how I do cover art. I use Doug's Applescripts and use Find Cover Art with Google. This script is free. I put it in my ~/Library/iTunes /Scripts. I launch iTunes before launching MAX and after iTunes uses CDDB to find the tracks I click on one track and launch the script and the art work appears with numerous choices. I pick one and save it to my Desktop. I then close iTunes and launch MAX. Max appears with the CDDB results. I open the cover art window using the menu button and drag the cover art to the window.I then encode the disc. A BIT CUMBERSOME but it works for me! Hope this helps!
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